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Top 5 Pendant Necklace Styles

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Top 5 Pendant Necklace Styles

Jewelry trends love to make a comeback. And that is no different in the case of pendant necklace styles. 

Because heads up, people! Pendants have made a comeback. 

Whether for fashionistas or fashion Moghuls, pendants have made a massive comeback in the fashion industry. You can now find a pendant (usually oversized) dangling from every celebrity's neck. And that definitely means that your next big shopping spree should be for a statement necklace with a pendant. 

Here are the top five pendant necklace styles that could look perfect. 

Pendant Necklace Styles That Scream ‘Impeccable’

What you wear represents yourself to the world, especially when it comes to jewelry pieces. It is a conscious choice that you make to help you feel unique, beautiful, and empowered. 

Adorning pendant necklaces has been an age-old tradition. In recent times, though, it has become more of a fashion statement. You are bound to find a pendant necklace in every girl's dresser. They are a style statement that adds flair to any outfit and can go from sophisticated to casual just by an outfit change. 

Modern jewelers have become quite adept at making designs, and a wide variety of pendant necklaces are available. My Elite Jeweler has created a list of pendant necklaces just for you. 


Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone pendants paint an effortlessly glamorous picture. Their brilliant colors and dazzling appeal make them an excellent choice for any woman. Gemstone pendants can add just the right touch to any outfit and make you sparkle and set yourself apart from others.

You can customize the size and design of the gemstone and can opt for something flashy or minimalistic, simple or bold. Gemstone pendants add an oomph factor to any outfit. Choose a birthstone that signifies an attribute of what or who you love.

For instance, emeralds symbolize royalty and eloquence. Rubies symbolize love and passion, while sapphires represent luck and happiness. You can also pair your necklace with your birth gemstone! 

Pearl Pendants

Pearls are jewelry pieces that never go out of style. Ever. Their grace and sophistication have, indeed, stood the test of time. Even today, wearing pearls is considered a sign of luxury and poise. And that is why you can never go wrong with a pearl pendant. 

Pearl pendants are a unique choice for any woman. They look great with formal and casual outfits and become a significant part of your everyday style. Especially loved by royalty for their timeless look, pearl pendants are all the rage. You could go for a beautiful round pearl encased in gold or a pearl drop pendant that dangles near your clavicle. 

It is an excellent choice for someone looking for a piece of jewelry that endures the test of time along with the endlessly evolving fashion trends.

A perfect gift for someone you love, pearl pendants will always stay in style. 

Solitaire Pendants

Solitaire pendants epitomize the promise of love. Solitaire pendant necklaces can be a stellar gift for someone you adore. They can help you win the heart of a special someone with their iridescent gleam and a brilliant shine. An everlasting jewelry piece known for its cut and quality, a solitaire pendant can make any outfit look elegant. 

You could opt for a gorgeous emerald cut or go for the magnificent marquise cut. Choose the princess cut for the one, or go for a heart-shaped diamond to symbolize the brilliance of your love. 

With various shapes to choose from, you can be assured that a solitaire pendant can lend the right touch of sophistication and elegance to your style. 

Locket Pendant

Locket pendants came into popularity during the Victorian Era and were a representation of remembering someone you loved. Locket pendants are a striking way of expressing yourself. The uniqueness of a locket pendant gives it an heirloom look that everyone can pull off. 

Each locket pendant tells a story that is personal to the wearer. These necklaces symbolize something you want to keep close to your heart and cherish forever. The personal touch of a locket can make it an exceptional jewelry piece that can pass on from generation to generation. 

Whether you get your locket engraved on the inside or put a picture of someone close to your heart, your locket pendant necklace will be an ageless piece. 

Monogram Pendants

Monogram pendants have slowly risen in popularity in the last five years or so. Because of the personal touch, they provide to your style, monogrammed pendants have become a must-have for anyone who is someone. 

Wearing a monogrammed pendant is the perfect way to stand out in a crowd and set yourself apart from the droves of people wearing the same type of accessories. Luxury brands are also creating bespoke monogrammed pendant necklaces for celebrities, stoking the rage and popularity even further. 

A personalized letter necklace can represent who you are in the grand scheme of things. You could wear the first letter of a loved one's name or, even better, wear a monogrammed pendant of the first initial of your own name. Monogram pendant necklaces are a great way to express yourself, and one way or another, the trend is here to stay. 

Why Pendant Necklaces Are the Perfect Pick for this Season

Shopping and searching for jewelry pieces can be a great adventure. Each piece tells a tale of how it was bought and who wore it. The same is true of pendant necklaces. 

A classy pendant can be a real attention grabber and can assist you in making a versatile style statement. Pendant necklaces are effortless to wear as they have no styling requirements. It is just a matter of fixing the clasp properly, and you are good to go, whether it's a formal evening or a casual night out.

Pendant necklaces are sure to set you apart from others when it comes to your fashion style. Here is why pendant necklaces are the absolutely perfect pick for this fashion season. 

Modern Yet Casual Look

That is one of the best things about pendant necklaces. They can give a modern yet casual look to any outfit you wear. They portray your mood and show who you are underneath. Pendant necklaces go just as well with a beautiful evening gown as they do with a white blouse and jeans. 


Lord only knows what people put themselves through to follow the latest trends. But pendant necklaces are a trend that's easy to follow and give you the added bonus of looking classy with the right touch of sexiness. 

Expresses Your Signature Style

Pendant necklaces can help you express your signature style and give people a better idea about you. Whether it is a birth gemstone necklace that represents your star sign, a solitaire pendant necklace that symbolizes deep love with your partner, a monogrammed necklace that gives a personalized touch to your accessory, you can be assured that pendant necklaces are the perfect way reveal an intimate part of yourself.

Tips to Wear a Pendant Necklace Perfectly

While pendant necklaces are one the most effortless jewelry pieces to wear and pull off, you can follow a couple of tips to enhance the look of your special necklace even more. 

  • Always choose an elegant and stylish necklace to go with your choice of pendant. This will ensure that all eyes are drawn to the pendant. Choosing a necklace with lots of frills and flair will draw attention away from the pendant and neither allow the on-looker to appreciate the necklace. Best to keep it simple. 
  • A common mistake people make is mixing the necklace and pendant colors. Please do not. It makes your otherwise sophisticated jewelry piece look cheap and basic. Choose the same color necklace as the pendant to give your pendant necklace a superior look. 
  • Make sure that the weight of the pendant compliments the strength of the necklace. It is a sure-shot way to lose your precious jewelry piece if you buy a weighty pendant and put it on a lightweight chain. 

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