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Buy 10k, 14k Gold & Diamond Jewelry Online in Texas, USA

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Buy 10k, 14k Gold & Diamond Jewelry Online in Texas, USA

Every year there are new trends and styles in the world of jewelry, everything from the style of jewelry to the type of stones used is changing. One of the widely used metals for jewelry is gold in either 10k or 14k variants. To make an informed decision to buy gold and diamond jewelry online, one needs to know about the details and differences between these types of jewelry.


What is 10k Gold Jewelry?


10k Gold is made up of 41.7% pure gold and 58.3% alloy. It is an alloy that comprises 10 parts of gold and 14 parts of other metals like Silver, nickel, copper, or zinc. It is an affordable and durable form of gold that is used widely in jewelry. If you're searching for the least expensive option, 10k Gold Jewelry is the best for you.


What is 14k Gold Jewelry?


14k Gold Jewelry is made up of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloy.  It has 14 parts of gold in 24 parts of alloy and the remaining part contains other metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, and silver. 14k Gold offers durability with affordability. It is quite similar to 10k Gold Jewelry that is widely used for Gold jewelry settings.


Jewelry for Every Occasion:


Welcome to the world of brilliance and shimmers, My Elite Jewelers is not only a retailer but we are elegance and radiance personified. Each occasion and celebration is special, we share happiness and vivid emotions with the close ones, and jewelry becomes important that suits a particular occasion. Choosing the ideal jewelry for any occasion gets difficult as one needs to visit a lot of platforms online to find the best one.


My Elite Jewelers online in Texas, USA has made your uphill task an easy one as we have a wide range of genuine gold and diamond jewelry pieces, from gold and diamond chains to rings, pendants, bracelets, and wedding bands, My Elite Jeweler in Texas, USA has a wide range of jewelry for every occasion.



  1. Can I pay for jewelry in easy monthly payments?

Answer - My Elite Jewelers has an option available to make easy monthly payments, you can buy it when you need it. One can make convenient payments over a period of 3, 6, or 12 months.


  1. What are the shipping charges on My Elite Jewelers?

Answer - There is free shipping available on all domestic orders. Whereas, international shipping starts from £3.95 only.


  1. Is faster delivery available on My Elite Jewelers?

Answer - If one needs the product urgently, there is a faster delivery option is also available on My Elite Jeweler.


  1. What is the return policy?

Answer - My Elite Jeweler has an easy return policy as your satisfaction is our priority. If one does not like the product or is not satisfied with it, we have an easy return policy within 30 days and the return Shipping/handling fee is to be paid by buyers. However, when you are returning the product, it needs to match certain criteria, which are in detail mentioned in the return and refund section of the website.


  1. What is the refund policy?

Answer - My Elite Jeweler, Texas USA, has an easy 3 to 5 business days refund policy.


  1. Difference between 10k and 14k gold jewelry?

Answer - The main difference between 10k and 14k jewelry is the composition of gold and metals. 10k gold jewelry has 41.7% pure gold and 58.3% alloy. Whereas, 14k gold jewelry contains 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloy. Both the 10k and 14k gold jewelry are cheap but durable.


  1. How can I contact My Elite Jewelry?

Answer - In case of any query or issue you can connect with us on -


Phone Number - +1 972-255-8203

Email -




Everyone loves radiance and sparkle in the jewelry which makes it unique. At My Elite Jeweler, you'll find a variety of exclusive and luxurious jewelry options available such as wedding bands, stones, and rings that are sizeable.


My Elite Jeweler is dedicated to providing excellent products and maintaining high standards. We make sure to offer exceptional customer service to everyone. Whether you're looking for gold rings or wedding bands, My Elite Jewelers has options available for every occasion.


My Elite Jewelers has 30+ years of experience and our aim is to offer the most affordable prices for jewelry. When you choose to shop with us, you will notice a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.